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Our hospital team members truly love caring for pets. That’s why the average tenure for our receptionists and technicians is over 15 years, with some in the 25-30 year range. Their dedication to you and your pets provides a level of experience that is hard to find these days.

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Hospital Manager

Pamela Konakowitz #1

Pamela Konakowitz

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A former veterinary practice manager, Pam offers CAH clients and patients over 28 years of experience in quality pet care. She was a receptionist for many years and you can still find her at the front desk along with her many other tasks. Pam is a loyal General Hospital fan, devoted aunt and loving mother to her cat Felix and, one day soon, a new puppy.


Kimberly Desjardins #1

Kimberly Desjardins

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Kimberly was born and raised in Maine. After working in the hospitality field for over 15 years, she attended Three Rivers Community College and completed the Vet Assistant Program in December 2015. Kimberly started with the company in January 2016 as a Kennel Technician and now is a full-time receptionist. She lives in Norwich with her husband of one year, Brian. They share their home with one dog and three cats.

Karen Jones #1

Karen Jones

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Karen is retired from her first career with the Connecticut Department of Correction and is now pursuing her heart’s passion working in the field of animal care. Karen’s love for animals began in the crib when her older brother welcomed her home with the gift of her first (toy) dog. Ever since, it has been a lifetime of beloved cats, dogs, birds, hamsters and fish. Karen has worked with a wildlife rehabilitator and completed the Veterinary Assistant program through Three Rivers Community College. When she isn’t spoiling her cat Allie and dog Charlie, Karen enjoys travel, gardening, cooking, cycling and yoga.

Senior/Surgical Veterinary Technician

Tabetha Hatcher #1

Tabetha Hatcher

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Tab’s commitment to animal care began more than 25 years ago as a kennel attendant at CAH. She has received specialized training in surgical assistance, dentistry, emergency medicine and client education.

Lead Veterinary Technician/Receptionist

Faun Tabor #1

Faun Tabor

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Faun has been a member of our team for approximately 15 years, working as lead technician keeping the hospital running smoothly and also filling in at the reception desk when needed. She is a loving mother of two daughters, a spunky boxer named Darla and an orange kitty named Kringle.

Veterinary Technicians

Megan Arndt #1

Megan Arndt

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Megan is an animal lover and grew up surrounded by many animals. She has three horses and shares her house with two large dogs. At a young age, Megan would always volunteer at local horse farms. Despite wanting to work with animals after going to an agricultural high school and college, she worked in construction and recently joined the Companion Animal Hospital team. Although she worked with large animals in the past, she is now widening her knowledge of small animals as well.

Johnna Comfort #1

Johnna Comfort

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Johnna and her husband share their home with their dog, Zoey, and two cats, Max and Tucker. She is happy to be working in the veterinary field as a part of the Companion Animal Hospital family thanks to a lifelong love of animals. Originally from Connecticut, she recently moved home after living in Louisiana for two years and is excited to be a part of Companion Animal Hospital.

Kimberly Krucek #1

Kimberly Krucek

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Kimberly completed the Veterinary Assistant course at Three Rivers, and her dream has been to help animals. She has lived with or around animals since she can remember. Currently, she lives with her cat, Mittens, and her leopard gecko, Freya. Kimberly wants to further her education in veterinary medicine and enjoys learning more about the field every day.

Amanda Shawver #1

Amanda Shawver

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Amanda has been with us since August 2016. She has been interested in animals since she was young, and she started volunteering at rescues and humane societies when she was 15 years old. She took the vet assistant program at QVCC in 2016 and became a kennel technician/ vet assistant that same year. She plans on continuing her education and becoming a certified vet tech in the future. Amanda has a husband, Reuben; a young daughter, Scarlett; and two dogs, Brutus and Lily, with whom she loves spending time. When not working, she is an avid reader and also enjoys horseback riding and hiking.

Kelsey Keel #1

Kelsey Keel

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Kelsey joins Companion Animal Hospital after spending 6.5 years at a local animal shelter. She graduated from the QVCC Veterinary Assistant program in 2014. She has attended several animal welfare conferences and seminars and takes a special interest in companion animal behavior. It is important to her that pets feel comfortable and safe during their visit. She shares her home with her husband, Harlan, their rat terrier mix, Clyde, and 3 tortoiseshell cats - Callie, Daisy, and Anise. In her spare time, she enjoys music, gardening, sewing/crafting, and spending time with her husband, friends, and family.

Veterinary Assistants

Alina Mauthe #1

Alina Mauthe

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Alina recently graduated with a degree in animal behavior from the University of New England. She has experience caring for animals, ranging from mice and rats all the way up to primates and other zoo animals. Alina stays busy with her two dogs, Luna and Gypsy, and by hiking and training. Alina wishes to continue learning about veterinary medicine through her position.

Kimberly Morrissette #1

Kimberly Morrissette

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Kim is a college graduate with a degree in animal science from the University of Rhode Island. She has experience with a range of animals, including dogs, cats, horses, farm animals and aquatic animals. She even worked with animals in Thailand. Kim has always had a great passion for animals. Her dog, Mitch, was a member of the family until he passed at age 16½. He largely influenced her love for animals. Joining our team in 2013, she hopes to further her experience in the field of animal care.

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