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Kitten Healthcare Plans

Start your kitten's health off on the right track with a healthcare plan from Companion Animal Hospital.

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The Importance of Preventive Care

Kittens should start attending their first veterinary appointments when they are between 6 and 11 weeks old, which is why we offer bundled health care plans specifically designed to meet the needs of your new kitten.

Our vets will discuss your kitten's nutritional requirements, litter box training, heartworm disease, microchip identification, behavior issues, flea & tick control, and at-home dental care. Your veterinarian will also take the time to answer any other questions or concerns you might have.

Kitten Healthcare Plans

Benefits of Kitten Healthcare Plans

Our kitten healthcare plans include all the preventive care services your new kitten will require to get a healthy start in life, including the following:

  • Their routine examinations
  •  All mandatory kitten vaccinations
  • A blood sample (to test for feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus)
  • Fecal exams
  • Worming treatments to eliminate any intestinal parasites

Savings & Inclusions

Compared to the cost of our individual services, our Kitten Plan bundle could save you between $76 and $88 over a 4 to 9 week period.

You’ll also get $10.00 off a Home Again ID microchip and $15.00 off spaying or $10.00 off neutering (which is done when your kitten is between 4 to 6 months of age).

Your total savings range from $76 to $113 for great kitten health care!

New Patients Welcome

Companion Animal Hospital is accepting new patients! Our experienced vets are passionate about the health of Groton companion animals. Get in touch today to book your pet's first appointment.

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