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Mature Pet Wellness Plans

As your pet gets older and enters their senior years (at 9 years of age), routine health care becomes increasingly important in order to increase their longevity and maintain their good health. This is why our Groton animal hospital offers bundled health care plans for matrue pets, so their routine healthcare and exams are covered!

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Benefits of Mature Wellness Plans

When your pet becomes nine years old their aging and health care requirements begin to change. As it is with people, changes in your cat or dog's health can be hidden or subtle, making it hard for us to notice any changes. This makes, routine wellness exams and laboratory testing a key part of their healthcare routine.

Our vets are able to test for geriatric conditions and other health problems that senior pets are at a higher risk of developing such as chronic kidney disease, diabetes, heart disease, disorders of the blood cells, liver problems, cancer, hormonal imbalances, and many other conditions.

Mature Pet Wellness Plans

The Importance of Preventive Care

Many of these conditions can develop into advanced stages without visible symptoms and are difficult to find with the human eye. If found early (before symptoms appear) these issues could be easier and less expensive to treat, making early detection very important!

Annual Wellness Plan for Mature Dogs

Save over $80.00 on the services your senior pup needs to live a long, high-quality life.

Your dog will receive the following care and services with our mature pet healthcare plans:

  • A Routine Examination & Consultation.
  • One Vaccination 
  • Parasite Testing  (including intestinal worms and heartworms)
  • Blood Tests ( to check their kidneys, liver, blood cells, and other systems)
  • Urine Analysis

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Annual Wellness Plan for Mature Cats

Save over $105.00 on the services and tests your senior cat needs to live a long and healthy life.

Your senior kitty will receive the following services with our mature cat healthcare bundle :

  • A Routine Examination & Consultation.
  • One Vaccination
  • Intestinal Parasite Tests (including intestinal worms and heartworms)
  • Blood Tests ( to inspect their kidneys, liver, blood cells, thyroid gland, and more) 
  • Urine Analysis

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