Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine deals with diseases of the kidneys, liver, GI tract, hormones, heart, lungs, urinary tract, reproductive organs, etc. Diagnostic tests of the blood, urine and other samples as well as radiographs and ultrasound are used to find  where problems originate so they can be treated appropriately.

Intensive Care Unit

The Intensive Care Unit at CAH is situated behind glass doors right in our busiest workspace, so our critical care patients are always under direct supervision. Intravenous pumps, temperature monitoring and warming devices, pulse oximetry, oxygen therapy, blood pressure monitoring, transfusion supplies, etc. help us to manage most serious conditions. Our live-in hospital attendant provides after hours care and monitoring in communication with the doctor responsible for a given patient.

Pain Management

Pain management is always a high priority at CAH . Many medical and surgical conditions can lead to discomfort. We use a variety of analgesics to keep your pets as comfortable as we’d like to be ourselves. Medications from mild sedatives to potent narcotics are used judiciously in the form of pills, skin patches, local anesthetics, IV infusions, nerve blocks and more.