Kittens should begin their health care at 6 to 11 weeks of age but we offer bundled plans up to 14 weeks old for kittens coming into your family later.

Your kitten will receive examinations along with a complete vaccination series to protect against distemper, upper respiratory viruses, rabies and feline leukemia. A blood sample is drawn to be sure feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus are not present in your kitten. Stool exams and worming treatments to eliminate the intestinal parasites common in kittens are included.

We’ll discuss nutrition, litter training, heartworm disease, microchip identification, behavior issues, flea & tick control, home dental care and any other questions you may have.

Compared to individual fees for these services the Kitten Plan bundle saves you between $76 and $88 over a 4 to 9 week period.

You’ll also get $10.00 off a Home Again ID microchip, $15.00 off spaying or $10.00 off neutering done between 4 to 6 months of age.

Total savings range is from $76 to $113 for great kitten health care!