Save up to $150 on comprehensive dental care.

The veterinarians at CAH recommend regular dental care for one simple reason – you don ’t brush your pet’s teeth on a daily basis.

The invisible plaque (scum) that builds on teeth every day hardens into tartar that separates the gum from the tooth, harbors infection and stimulates inflammatory factors which migrate through the bloodstream into many organs. The resulting attack on kidneys, heart, liver, pancreas, etc eventually leads to other diseases and problems – not to mention the loss of bone around the tooth roots and the discomfort and bad breath your pet experiences.

This is important enough that CAH offers significant discounts if you schedule your pets dental care within 90 days of the recommendation!

Since our pets won’t sit still and say “Ahh” they need to be anesthetized for a thorough oral exam, ultrasonic cleaning, polishing and sealant application. Today’s anesthetics are safe for pets of all ages. Even pets with heart, kidney and other diseases can safely benefit by eliminating chronic infection, inflammation and pain. Antibiotics, home care instructions and a free oral recheck are also included.

Fees for dental care vary with age and degree of disease present. Early removal of tartar is good for your pet and your pocketbook! We ’ll give you an estimate for dental care at your pet’s next exam.