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    Dogs staying for 5 nights or more may receive a courtesy cleansing bath the morning of departure. They will be dry and ready to pick up AFTER 2 PM. Do you want a courtesy bath for your dog and understand this is a deodorizing bath and not a full grooming?
    Dogs staying less than 5 nights can have a cleansing bath for an additional $43.50. They will be dry and ready for pick up AFTER 2PM. Do you want a cleansing bath for your dog and understand this is a deodorizing bath and not a full grooming?
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    We feed an easily digested prescription diet each morning and evening. If your pet requires another diet, please bring it with you.
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    Please be advised, if fleas are present at the time of admission, a flea treatment will be completed at the owner’s expense. Our staff at CAH make every effort to maintain a sanitary and pest free environment. We ask that you inspect your pet for cleanliness and / or fleas PRIOR TO LEAVING THE HOSPITAL BUILDING at discharge. Pet carriers and automobiles can harbor fleas – therefore, CAH will not accept responsibility for fleas found once your pet has been discharged and left our care.

    Simple changes in food, water and your pets’ environment can sometimes cause diarrhea. If a simple stress related diarrhea occurs, our veterinarians may perform an exam and prescribe a diet change or medications, for which there may be additional fees.

    If a serious medical problem occurs during your pets’ observation period, we will attempt to reach the emergency contact referenced above. However, an examination will be performed and necessary treatment may be provided within the scope of sound medical judgment.