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    Taking care of your pet has never been easier
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    Our mission at Companion Animal Hospital is making sure that you get courteous, dependable service and your pets receive great care for a long and comfortable life.
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Pet Healthcare

  • The American Animal Hospital Association
  •– an authoritative & comprehensive pet care library, pet photo page, a bookstore offering publications on pet loss, kids and pets, etc., informative articles on pain medications, vaccination guidelines, parasite protection and more.
  • – another good site for questions about animal health, medications, therapies, surgery, etc. Provided by the Veterinary Information Network used by many vets for current info.
  • – information about heartworm disease, its prevention and treatment.
  • – Companion Animal Parasite Council
  • – discusses best breeds for children, new pet selection, adopting shelter pets, training and more.

Pet Health Insurance

Veterinary medicine and pet care have come a long way in recent years. While veterinary care is still a real bargain compared to human medical care, it is still possible to incur significant expense if your pet is seriously ill or injured. Proper care for some common problems can approach or exceed $2,500.00. You should know that health insurance for pets is available. Here, we’ve provided the websites and phone numbers of several pet health insurance companies. We do not endorse any particular insurer and there may be insurance companies not listed here. Please try to match your individual needs with the plans and coverage offered by the various providers.

We know you love your pets and want them to have the best possible care. We hope this information can help you to be prepared for a serious illness or injury.