Ten Great Reasons to Choose Companion Animal Hospital:

  1. Dedicated, Experienced & Compassionate Doctors and Staff
  2. Pet Care Plans Save you $$$ – Puppy and Kitten Plans, Dental Care Plans, and Mature Pet Wellness Plans are available at significant discounts from individual fees.
  3. Payment Options – cash, check VISA and Mastercard of course. For large, unexpected expenses CareCredit and PaymentBanc can also be used to help spread out payments.
  4. Flexibility and Convenience with early morning drop-offs and extended evening & weekend hours to help you simplify your busy schedule.
  5. Cutting-Edge Medicine & Surgery …..close to home!
    • Wellness Care including annual physical exams, vaccinations, heartworm testing, as well as Spaying, Neutering and Declawing
    • Orthopedic surgery – fractures, knee injuries, hip problems, etc
    • Laser surgery for ear/nose/throat, tumors, declawing and more
    • Intensive Hospital Care for critically ill patients including after-hours support
    • Cancer care – surgery, chemotherapy and palliative care
    • Dermatology – treatment of skin diseases
  6. Live-In Hospital Attendant provides the attention and quality care your pets deserve even after normal hours.
  7. Reliable On-Site Diagnostics including digital x-ray, ultrasound, and comprehensive blood testing helps us to diagnose your pets problem rapidly and accurately.
  8. Only the Safest Anesthetic and Surgical Protocols are used to assure your pet experiences a rapid and safe recovery, regardless of age.
  9. High-Quality Pain Control using IV infusions, nerve blocks, skin patches, oral medications and more. Keeping your pet as comfortable as possible is our goal.
  10. Boarding Facilities for normal, healthy pets as well as extra care for pets with special treatment needs. Enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that your pets are in excellent hands.

Why travel further? Complete care is just around the corner!